We create better futures by driving value and mutual success.

With over 31 years' experience in property investment and funds management, we're one of Australia's leading fully integrated property groups. We use our property expertise to access, deploy, manage and invest equity across core real estate sectors – Office, Retail, Industrial & Logistics and Social Infrastructure.

We operate with prudence and have carefully curated a diverse $73 billion property portfolio with 1,619 high quality properties, spanning everything from industrial properties, retail centres and premium office buildings, to our most recent investment in early learning centres.

Partnership and financial discipline are at the heart of our approach. Acting in the best interests of customers and communities, we combine insight and inventiveness to unlock hidden value.  Taking a long-term view, our $16.0 billion development pipeline delivers sustainable, technologically enabled projects for our customers.

We've also extended our fund manager capability into another asset class with a 50% investment in the listed equities Fund Manager Paradice Investment Management (PIM), which invests on behalf of wholesale and retail investors across domestic and global listed equities. When PIM funds are included, Group FUM is now $87.2 billion.

The impacts of what we do are far-reaching. From helping businesses succeed by supporting their evolving workplace needs, to providing investors with superior returns for a better retirement, we’re powered by the drive to go further.


Founded in 1991, we’ve built a reputation for innovative investment funds that see commercial property provide a stable, accessible asset class, enabling a diverse range of investors to realise their aspirations.

Our focus on quality property investments and close relationships with customers has led to our strong track record of resilience and mutual success.

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United by values

We’re driven to make a difference, unlocking potential through partnership, insight and new ways of thinking.

Everything we do has a single-minded purpose – creating better futures by bringing aspirations to life. Our customers understand the positive impact we can deliver them through investing in the Australian property sector for the long term. And for us,  ultimately the greatest measure of success is their success. 

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Active partnership
We believe in creating positive outcomes for all. People trust us with their future. By listening deeply, having genuine empathy and investing in collaboration, we build mutually rewarding relationships for the long-term.
Genuine Insight
Genuine insight
We use our expertise to unlock opportunities. With a deep intelligence and understanding of the needs of others, we frame solutions, looking beyond the obvious to find hidden value, and build long term resilience – the true test of success.
Inventive Spirit
Inventive spirit
Our constant innovation and fresh approach drives better outcomes for all. Curious and resourceful, we create with purpose, exploring possibilities from every angle, to connect people, capital and opportunities.
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Powered by drive
Energised by pace, we put our passion into action. Acting within a framework of resilience and sustainability, we have the initiative to make things happen, and deliver on our promises to create a better future.


We're invested for the long term. 

Working within a framework of accountability and long term resilience, our leadership team champion a culture that is energised by putting passion into action and unlocking new potential.

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Sustainability means different things to different people

We're a business focused on mutual success, innovative spaces and building a better future.

Building a sustainable future

1% can make a big difference

That's why we Pledge 1% of our spaces and our time to help communities across Australia.


Community pledge

1% can make a big difference

The power of belonging 

Our business is complex, multi-faceted and often requires us to balance different priorities and viewpoints. To ensure we work to our potential, we welcome talented people from many backgrounds into our teams and ask them to contribute to the best of their abilities.

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Building better futures 

Every day, millions of people invest with us, go to work in one of our spaces, and get the things they need from our local retail centres. Together, our efforts shape the success of business, investors and communities for years to come.

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