Customers are the most important part of our business. And we don’t forget it. We always look to act in our customers’ best interests and to work in close partnership to achieve results that are mutually beneficial.

That's why together we invest in the value of people and place.


Charter Hall x Coles

This is a place that makes families smile.

Faced with a world that’s faster than ever, we partnered with Coles to redefine the supermarket experience, housing a fulfilment solution that allows picking, packing and delivery of meals to families. Freeing up time for what really matters.

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Charter Hall x Brisbane Bus Depot

This is a place that moves people

Brisbane is Australia’s fastest growing capital city, putting increasing pressure on critical infrastructure. We invested in Brisbane’s largest bus depot, a facility that moves more than 24% of the city’s commuters daily, keeping them safe and supporting the workforce by getting them to work (and home for dinner on time).

Our mission


Charter Hall x Ampol

This is a place that invests in Australia.

Together with GIC, Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, we created a sale and lease back model for Ampol Property Trust, seeing us not only partner with tenants but with investor customers too.

Demonstrating our continued conviction for Australian-owned investments and long WALE assets with strong fundamentals.

Keeping Australian’s going, and going, and going.

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Charter Hall x Woolworths

This is a place that leads the way.

When Woolworths announced a 100% green energy target by 2025, we saw an opportunity to collaborate, taking a leadership role in building a cleaner future.

It started with a solar transformation for the Dandenong South distribution centre, which soon grew to include 12 additional installations. Proving that great investments can achieve mutual success for investors, customers and future generations.

Our purpose


Charter Hall x Morgan Stanley

This is a place that unlocks potential.

With one of the largest Asian client desks in the country, Morgan Stanley knows a thing or two about investing in our region.

When they wanted a solution for their clients to invest in Australia, they turned to us. The result was a high-quality property anchor to their client's portfolios, designed to leverage our commercial real estate expertise through tailored access, along with strong financial returns.

Endless opportunities

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